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Our Community

Community is

what connects us all.

Working Together

While our offices are based in Fresno, CA, we have completed projects in communities across the United States. We strive to make a positive impact in every community we have visited especially in ways which help the next generation succeed. We’ve worked with hundreds of school districts over the years and we know the value of education for all kids. This special area of interest led to the creation of EKC Kids, an organization dedicated to making sure kids have everything they need to succeed in school.
Every Kid Counts
EKC Kids was founded in 2020 by Emily and Chris Shafer. From school supplies and seasonal clothing to speakers and field trip funds, EKC Kids is dedicated to delivering these types of resources which will encourage children to focus on their studies, discover new passions, and simply enjoy being kids. EKC Kids provides resources to students who would otherwise not have access to them for their basic educational needs, helping them have a more successful educational experiences.
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